CanadaDroid Apps & Games

3D Pool Ball
Play 8 ball pool and 9 ball pool in 3D view as it should be played in real world
Fanatical Basketball
Fanatical Basketball is the world’s #1 stunningly immersive 3D basketball game.
Punch Boxing 3D
Punch Boxing is the world's #1 combat sports game available on Android.
Exploration Lite Craft
Exploration Craft is #1 open world sandbox game featuring building and crafting.
Tattoo Master
Tattoo Master is the No.1 tattoo maker and coloring game on Android.
Fish Live
Fish Live
Raised a fish lately? Play Fish Live and raise, feed and breed lovable fishes!
Die in 100 Ways
Die in 100 Ways is the #1 funny game for killing available on Google Play.
Elite Killer: SWAT
Step into Elite Killer and immerse yourself in the #1 realistic 3D FPS game!
Golf Championship
Golf Championship is the greatest and most addictive golf game you’ll ever play.
Crazy Wheels
Crazy Wheels
Crazy Wheels is the #1 fast-paced, rag-doll extreme sports racing game.
Real Skate 3D
Skate like a pro in #1 authentic 3D skateboarding game Real Skate now!
Mahjong Solitaire
Mahjong Solitaire is the #1 solitaire matching game that uses mahjong tiles.
Snail Battles
Stir up your zeal for shooting with the #1 shooting action game Snail Battles!
Crazy Doctor
Crazy Doctor
Crazy Doctor is a totally new medical simulation game!
Logo Quiz
Logo Quiz is the #1 ranked Logo Guessing Game on Google Play
My Tiny Pet
My Tiny Pet
Adopt your dream pet in the world’s #1 virtual pet nurturing game!
Sudoku Master
Sudoku Master is #1 Sudoku game with beautiful graphics and killer features.
Break Bricks
Break Bricks
Break Bricks is #1 highly anticipated arcade game filled with endless charm.
Sing A Song
Sing a song to let friends guess OR just take the challenge and guess the clips!
Star Chef
Star Chef
Star Chef is the most delicious and best looking cooking game on Google Play.
Word Search Tour
Jump into the paradise of #1 word puzzles and venture in Word Search Tour now!