tastypill Apps & Games

Sling Drift
Most addictive drifting game
Twisty Arrow!
Twisty Arrow!
Twisty Arrow is a casual tapping strategy game fun for players of all ages.
Impossible Bottle Flip
The sequel to our hit game "Water Bottle Flip Challenge 2"
Shape Escape
Shape Escape
Tap to jump and avoid spikes
Crazy Hoverboard
Impossible Hover Board Game!
Bottle Flipping - Water Flip 2
Try the Water Bottle Flip Challenge on your phone
Boonk Gang
#freeboonk - Boonk Gang!
Tube Spin
Tube Spin
Bounce and twist the vortex!
99 Arrows
99 Arrows is a casual aim-and-fire strategy game
Spinny Fidget
Spinny Fidget
Come play the #1 new spin sensation Spinny Fidget!
Twisty Wheel
Twisty Wheel is a fun reflex game. Tap to match the arrow color to the dial.
Bounce & Chill
Bounce & Chill is a simple tap to bounce game. Hit piano tiles & avoid spikes!
Flappy Fire
Tap to flappy jump while shooting blocks.
Fidget Spin - Figet Toy Spinner Simulator Game
Check out the new viral fidget spinner game sensation Fidget Spin!
Switchy Sides
Switchy Sides is an easy to learn fast paced game about reflexes
Bounce King
Bounce King
Bounce King is a fast bouncing ball & jump game. Tap to bounce and avoid spikes!
Swaggy Ninja
Swaggy Ninja is a fast, impossible jump & dash game. Tap to hop and backflip up!
Dooby Bird
Dooby Bird
Dooby Bird is a fast, impossible high flyer game. Just weave to dodge branches!